ecole 18colors

Ecole Watercolor 7.5ml 18colors

November 26, 2014 Ecole Watercolor, Products, Watercolor no comments

White 101 White
Lemon yellow 111 Lemon
P yellow deep 105 Permanent Yellow Deep
Yellow ochre 113 Yellow Ochre
vermilion 112 Vermilion(HUE)
P red 106 Red
Burnt sienna 107 Burnt Sienna
Vandyke brown 117 Vandyke Brown
P green no1 104 Yellow Green
Viridian 110 Viridian(HUE)
Sap green 116 Sap Green
Olive green 114 Olive Green
Cerulean blue 155 Cerulean Blue(HUE)
cobalt blue 118 Cobalt Blue(HUE)
ecole Ultramarine deep 152 Ultramarine Deep
Prussian blue 109 Prussian Blue
P violet 156 Permanent Violet
black 102 Black

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