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Alpha Dye(fabric) Colors 7.5ml 12T

November 5, 2014 Dye Colors no comments

Alpha DYE(Fabric) Colors?using top grade dyes can easily make desired colors and consistency simply by mixing multiple colors and water. It is simple as using watercolor and can be applied in handkerchiefs, cloths, scarves, neckties, and shoes. Color does not fade out easily by washing and is better preserved when heated (Ironing or hot air).

white 11 White
Yellow 13 Yellow
Yellow ochre 14 Yellow Ochre
Orange 15 Orange
Carmine 17 Carmine
Burnt sienna 19 Burnt Sienna
Vandyke brown 20 Vandyke Brown
Yellow green 22 Yellow Green
Viridian 23 Viridian
Cobalt blue 25 Cobalt Blue
Violet 27 Violet
Black 30 Black








Required materials :

Alpha Dye Colors, Palette, Paint brush, Water bowl