Primary Gesso

Primary Gesso is used under painting colors to reinforce coverage and adhesiveness and takes only 10 to 20 minutes to dry. It serves to preserve the original shine and color of the over-paint while enhancing its preservability. It is necessary when painting on fabric, canvas, wood, clay, cement, or concrete. It should be applied after diluting with water to 20 to 30% using a large brush or a roller, and painted three times making sure to completely dry between layers to maximize its performance. When diluting, uneven mixture must be avoided as this may later cause cracks. It is suitable as an under-paint for not only Acrylics but also for Oil colors.


Gloss Varnish

Gloss Varnish is used over a finished painting to protect the work. This somewhat opaque paint turns clear when completely dried and provides a glossy finish. It is excellent in adhesiveness and is water-resistant when dried. It is a finishing medium but can also be used by mixing with Acrylic Paints. The amount of the varnish to be mixed with Acrylic Paints is determined depending on the amount of glossiness the painter intends for.


Matt Varnish

Matte Varnish is used over a finished painting to protect the work and to give a matte look. It should be painted on a surface in an upright position. It may immediately appear murky but turns into a clear film when completely dried. When painting several layers, this medium must be completely dried before applying the next layer to avoid murkiness.


Crystal Varnish

Gloss Varnish may have a slight stickiness even after being completely dried due to its exceptional adhesiveness. Crystal Varnish has been developed to solve this problem. After painting the work with a Gloss Varnish, Crystal Varnish can be used on top by mixing the medium with a small amount of petroleum solvent to reduce stickiness of the final surface and thereby avoid dust from sticking onto the surface.


Gel Medium

Gel Medium is used by mixing with Acrylic Colors to increase viscosity and shine. It appears white but turns clear and shows high water-resistance when completely dried. When mixing with painting colors, higher content of this medium results in thicker body and thus allows structural brush strokes. It may also be used to create collages on surfaces such as wood or stone as it is highly adhesive.


Modeling Paste

Modeling Paste is a medium used to increase texture. It allows thicker body when mixed with Acrylic Colors. The thickness may slightly shrink after being completely dried but does not creat cracks. It should be used when intending a particulary textural look.



Retarder is a medium used to delay the fast drying time of Acrylic Colors. Acrylic Colors mixed with this medium allows to create watercolor effects such as gradation and also reduces brush marks. It may also be used with Watercolors. Two to three drops should be used for about 1cm of painting colors in a 200cc jar. Mixing too much of Retarder should be avoided as this may delay the drying time too much and may turn sticky.


Remover, Brush, Cleaner

Remover is used to melt fully dried Acrylic Colors. User must avoid leaving brushes in a remover as it is an organic solvent and thus may harm the brush. We recomend using in an open space, avoiding inhalation of large amount of its vapor and usage near fire.