silver poster 100ml

Silver Poster colors 100ml 6T

November 26, 2014 Poster Colors, Products, Silver Poster colors no comments

Titanium white?11 Titanium White
middle yellow 13 Middle Yellow
Yellow deep 14 Yellow Deep
Yellow ochre 16 Yellow Ochre
P orange 18 Permanent Orange
Vermilion 19 Vermilion(Hue)
Pink 22 Pink
Carmine 23 Carmine
Burnt sienna 57 Burnt Sienna
cobalt blue 30 Cobalt Blue(Hue)
Ultramarine 64 Ultramarine
Purple 34 Purple
Prussian blue 33 Prussian Blue
Yellow green 36 Yellow Green
viridian 40 Viridian(Hue)
Black 46 Black

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